I’m Autistic: What’s Your Excuse?

January 31, 2007


Filed under: Oops! — rainmanlite @ 11:41 am

I managed to get myself locked out of my flat when I went out to buy a newspaper, having left my keys in the pocket of my other trousers. Discovering this, I decided to gain entry to my room by alternative means… and found myself even worse off!

My flat is on the ground floor, and overlooks a small walled courtyard where the bins are kept. The window to the small toilet next to my room is almost always left partly open, so my plan was to wait until someone left through the main door and then climb in that way.

I remembered rather too late that:

A: I had in fact personally shut the window in question earlier that morning because it was freezing in there when I went to take a slash.

B: The door to the bin area has no handle on the outside, and the gate leading back to the street is padlocked.

It took me half an hour and the help of a passer-by to escape.

Update: More cock-ups like this one to follow. Many more, in fact; my talent for doing this kind of thing is the main reason Kevin (see sidebar) badgered me into starting this blog.


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