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February 7, 2007

Awkward Bastards

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The University of Bedfordshire (well, the Luton bit of it anyway; as far as I can tell they’re doing things pretty much the way they always have) has a totally fucking stupid slightly strange policy about timetables, which will take me a while to explain.

At the start of my second academic year, I signed on for scriptwriting as a year-long optional module, but for some reason it’s split into three semester-long ones. It was held on the same day -Wednesday- as a compulsory module that only lasted one semester, and is being replaced by another this year. The remaining two year-long modules took place on Thursday, and in theory the remainder of the week is our own; our coursework requirements more than counterbalance the relatively low contact time, I might add, but that’s by the by.

Anyway, I’d been operating on the assumption that the timetable would be staying petty much the same this year, and had therefore neglected to check the new online timetable (which let me add here is not as user-friendly as it could be). The most I was expecting was a room change.

Term officially began on Febuary the 5th. On January the 26th, I got an emailĀ  from one of my tutors saying that the new module (Reviewing) would be taking place on Tuesdays. Said email had arisen from a query by another student about the timetable not being up on the website yet. I was a bit annoyed to say the least, because I’d signed up for some voluntary work on the basis that my schedule would be the same for the rest of the year, and was less than pleased at the amount of notice we’d been given.

So I came in on Tuesday, where revelation number two awaited. The remaining module (Scriptwriting) had been moved to Mondays. Okay, we’ve got a different tutor this semester -I think he was on sick leave last year- but you’d think the course team could have factored this in when they sat down to thrash out a timetable, right?

But the tutors don’t write the timetable; someone else does. I would like to know who they are. I would also very much like to know why:

  1. Someone could see a module entitled Scriptwriting 2 and place it on a different day from Scriptwriting 1.
  2. A new module of identical length to the old module could not take place between the same hours of the same day.
  3. Our contact time is now one full day and two half-days instead of two full days.
  4. None of the above was actually communicated to any of us until 48 hours before the new term starts.

I’ve missed my first lecture, several of my classmates have lost a day’s wages for the next three months (if not their jobs) and the whole bloody circus will start again after Easter, all because the university doesn’t trust its academic staff to look after their own time-management and the welfare of their own students.

Thanks a bunch, guys.


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